Moti- 5 year old German Shepherd.
This is Moti. A 5 year old German Shepherd who literally took a bullet for his families safety. In 2007 a masked intruder broke into the Patel's house. It didn't take even a second for Moti to jump up and start barking. He barked until he got the gunman's attention. Not long after, the gunman shot Moti and ran, without hurting any of the Patel's. Luckily, Moti made a full recovery. To this day the Patel's are able to be safe knowing that Moti is always with them!


This is Shelby. She was named the 45th Skippy Dog Hero of the Year! She saved two adults and two children from carbon monoxide poisoning. Shelby (with her amazing sense of smell) was the first to notice the rising C0 levels while the family was asleep. Shelby barked and scratched trying to warn the family and get them out safely. Luckily , the got out and the family was treated at the near by hospital! 


As a team, Trakr helped his partner James Symington dig through 30 feet of debris at The World Trade Center "ground zero" site and found the last human survivor of the attack! Trakr was so brave that he is going to be cloned for use at other police forces.


The German shepherd tank-guard, Chips, was the most decorated dog of WWII, and probably the most famous war dog in history. Assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division, he was one of the first dogs shipped overseas, serving in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and Germany. While invading Sicily in July 1943, his partner was attacked by a machine gun. Chips immediately followed the shots to an Italian pillbox where he captured 4 Italian soldiers and saved the life of his partner. That same night, with powder burns and a serious scalp wound, Chips helped capture 11 more Italians. The U.S. papers called him a hero, and General Eisenhower personally thanked him for his services. Upon returning to the States, he was awarded the Silver Star for Valor and a Purple Heart, the later has been revoked citing it as being “demeaning to service men” who were also given the award. In 1993, Disney produced a movie called “Chips the War Dog” to commemorate this great hero!